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Basilicata and Matera, back to our roots

Ancient habitations dug into the tuff rock of a chalky plateau open up around a hollow, the Gravina di Matera, traversed by a torrent that flows in this spectacular and unique city, where roofs become the foundations for new habitations on the levels overhead.

Unknown to the greatest majority of international travellers, the area deserves a visit together with some additional points of interest, such as Metaponto, one among the most important sites of Magna Grecia civilization in Italy.

Visitors can enjoy the "Tavole Palatine", the remainings from a Greek temple dedicated to Goddess Hera which dates back to the 6th century before Christ.  
Additional points of interest, the Archaeological National Museum in Metaponto  allows visitors to understand the historical and artistic development of this area.  

There is a wide range of archaeological findings dating back to the time when Metaponto was founded, in the Bronze Age, until the coming of Romans.
A few miles away is Policoro, with its archaeological museum where findings of the Heraclea, also Heracleia or Herakleia (Ancient Greek: Ἡράκλεια), an ancient city of Magna Graecia are exhibited to show the stages of human presence in the area since the Neolithic.

Limpid and pure, roaring and swift, calm and warm: this is the sea that touches Basilicata. Streams and brooks flow down from the mountains, lakes are surrounded by lush vegetation, and the water basks in its thousands of blue. 
For those who love shopping and nightlife, Maratea is perfect and rich in options for a return to modernity!

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