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Destination Management Company

Our concepts do not repeat themselves: they are unique, as our Customers are.

They are exciting, because we are passionate with our job. They are tailor-made, because we persist in building unique programs to meet participants’ expectations.

A destination is not simply represented by single suppliers which are chosen for a list of services.

The added value of our proposal consists of the ability of networking them, and put them in a close relationship with all those who have a role in that territory. This is why a close contact is established with local communities, to emphasize points of strength and build synergies the territory has not identified yet.

The inputs of our Customers are translated into programs which are able to satisfy the most sophisticated travellers.

Travel Itineraries

Unconventional... is our password.

We strive to discover and present the best local resources of each destination, in an endless search to build up exclusive travel program.

Corporate Events & Incentives

Our mission since the beginning of our history, the organization of Corporate Events and Incentives is a cornerstone of our business.

Our mission is:​

  • To identify the requirements and objectives of the event

  • To provide communication projects and event organisation services within a rigorous budget frame

  • To ensure flexibility, adaptation, cutting-edge assistance and customized support to all stakeholders

  • To use up-to-date systems and technologies to guarantee that communication targets are reached

  • To make available a highly professional staff, motivated with continuous education programs, to meet any new market challenge

Let Travel Around Italy drive you through real Italy

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